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About project

The annual international festival of light art in Yekaterinburg. Key stages of project development.


The first official festival of light art was named «Undark». Traditionally held on the shortest night of the year. Thanks to the work of Timofey Radi “Lampshade”, the project loudly announced itself both at the regional and federal levels


The Cultural Transit Foundation held the first pilot festival of light art. Five installations of urban artists illuminated the shortest night of the year

A new level: for the first time, the festival will take place not in the city center, but will comprehensively master 2 scenic sites 1.5 km from each other: Uktus Nature Park and the new Shishimskaya Gorka residential quarter. In addition, a series of educational programs “visual ecology of new territories” will be held as part of the project.


Ekaterinburg academy of modern art (EAMA) became a co-organizer and a presidential grant was won. Due to this, 26 works from artists from 6 countries were already presented at Undark # 7. The festival become truly international


What we do

We carry out cultural exchanges among young people, including: volunteer trips, exchange tours and exhibitions of both professional and amateur groups, artists;

we organize joint projects aimed at solving common or identical problems of territories by means of culture and art;

we organize master classes, workshops, short and long internships for artists, gallery owners, and other representatives of creative professions and interests;

We study the experience of non-profit organizations in the field of culture, including the experience of working with people with disabilities.

Our purposes

To involve as many people as it possible in the active consumption of culture and art;

to make the territory of Yekaterinburg even more attractive for citizens.

Our team

Evgenia Nikitina


Sofia Sol Golikova


Semen Parkyshev

Technical director

Larisa Petrova

Academic Supervisor of the educational program

Anastasia Egorova

Academic Supervisor of the educational program

Margarita Glavcheva

Pr-director of the project

Anton Yakubov-Tsarikov

Project designer

Irina Kureneva

Project accountant

Anastasia Genova

Head of Volunteers

Natalia Tychinina

Curator of the site Pervouralsk

Olga Gladkikh

Head of Volunteers

Sergey Egoshev

Site Administrator Pervouralsk 

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