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2019 #8

It was the first time when the festival became a part of large-scale project «School of light». This project also included a scientific and educational part and supported by the Presidential Grants Fund. The theme was undeclared, but realized - “Light as a source of attraction” - communication. There were 26 projects in total. For the first time - two festival nights instead of one.

Participants: Anna-Rosa Rupp (Germany), Max Südus (Germany), Marc-Andre Weibezahn (Germany), Irina and Stas Shminke, Pavel Vasilyev and Igor Maratkanov, Evgeny Khlopotov, Elena Vertikova (Poland), Alexey Schigalev (Perm), Pantaleo Musaro (Italy), Lyudmila Kalinichenko , Anastasia Krokhaleva and Denis Perevalov, Alexander Radtke, Leonid Kharlamov (Germany), Johanna Thompson (Germany), Daniil Tayurov, art group «Zlyye», Anna-Roza Rapp (Germany), Sergey Laushkin, Alexander Agafonov (Perm), Evgeny Kormiltsev and Brian McKenna (Canada), Alexander Gagarin, Anton Yakubov-Tsarikov, Christina Gorlano and Pavel Vasilyev and Alexander Gedz and Igor Khabarov, Maria Plaksina Aziz Essaui (Tunisia), Anna and Vitaliy Cherepanov, students of Ekaterinburg academy of modern art (EACA).

Curators: Evgenia Nikitina. Exacutive director: Sofia Sol. Technical Director: Semen Parkyshev. Scientific and educational part: Larisa Petrova, Anastasia Egorova. Special thanks to the expert Bettina Peltz (Germany), without who much would not have happened.

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