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the festival of the light art


The 21-22th of December, Ekaterinburg, 2019


In this year artists from Russia and abroad, festival participants, will leave the compact center of our city for the first time and they will go to transform and illuminate one of its remote areas - Uktus. A route of the festival will cover two spaces located at a distance of 1.5 km from each other: a nature park with a ski resort and the modern, recently built Shishimskaya Gorka quarter.


An idea of leaving the center defined the theme of the current festival, which is becoming more and more relevant every year - “Visual Ecology of New Territories”. The word “new” refers to urban spaces whose appearance is not yet complete: areas of new buildings and old “depressed” places that do not yet correspond to the overall development of the region.

Artists from Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Tunisia and the USA will reflect on the artistic and social power and possibilities of light, as well as on the over-illuminated public spaces.



Sophie Guillot (Switzerland). Robert Sochacki (Poland). Elena Vertikova, Tomasz Freda (Poland). Ingo Wendt (Germany). Kai van der Pugi (Finland). Marc-Andre Weibetsan (Germany). Veronika Stanchak (Poland). Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang (Austria). Corrie Francis Parks (USA). Marvin Bleuet (Tunisia). Haifa Wharfelli (Tunisia). Sergey Laushkin (Yekaterinburg). Alexander Gedz, «studio the gran» (Yekaterinburg). «want to be Sokolov» (Yekaterinburg). Daniil Danet (Ekaterinburg). Elena Kropaneva, Vladimir Zlokazov, Architectural Bureau LATOON (Yekaterinburg). Anastasia Pishchugina (Yekaterinburg). «Please Leave a Review» (Ekaterinburg). «Museum of Ever-Playing Attractions» (Anastasia Krokhaleva, Denis Perevalov) (Yekaterinburg). Irina and Stanislav Shminke (Yekaterinburg). Leonid Kharlamov (Germany). Pavel Vasiliev (Ekaterinburg). Evgeny Khlopotov (Yekaterinburg). Ilya Grishaev (Perm). Anastasia Prokofieva (Ekaterinburg).


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