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2017 #6

«Time in the temp» - it is the light game with phenomenon space and time by the Iset-river. 14 artists with philosophical-contemplative and dynamic works about eternity and cyclicality, about freezing in moment «now and here», and about time transformation in social networks (17 artworks in total).

Participants: : Alexander Zhunev, Ksenia Markelova, Natalia Khokhonova, Lyudmila Kalinichenko, Pavel Vasiliev and Igor Maratkanov and Laysan Baybulova, Irina and Stas Shminke, Irina Danilova, Andrey Ovsyankin, Anastasia Krokhaleva, Denis Perevalov, Sergey Lauskin.

Curators: Evgenia Nikitina. Exacutive director: Antonina Simakova. Technical Director: Denis Perevalov.

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